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Ayurvedic mouthwash with oil

The ayurvedic mouthwash is called Gandusha and is recommended for daily oral hygiene in the morning after brushing your teeth.

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Drinking during eating - pros and cons

The rule is: drinking before eating supports weight loss; drinking while eating retains weight; drinking after eating contributes to weight gain.

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Consultation before booking an Ayurveda health care package

Distinction is made between cases where someone is looking for relief from serious medical problems or where somebody just wants to relax. Small resorts offer more of a family atmosphere and calmness which is absolutely essential for the efficacy of the cure; larger resorts offer more number of alternatives.


Ayurveda - Tiroler Alpen

Ayurvedic cure in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps – almost like in India

Hinterthiersee, a village in the Tyrolean Alps, is like a little garden of Eden on earth for the special spa guests. An Ayurvedic cure under the supervision of an Indian doctor, in environs surrounded by unspoiled nature and beautiful landscape in the middle of the Austrian mountains becomes a special experience.