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Indian government offers Ayurveda training beyond India

(psa) - The Indian authority AYUSH which belongs to the health ministry in Delhi takes care around the support of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda at the Round Table of European-Indian Chamber of Commerce in the European Parliament

In the European Parliament in Brussels, experts from government, industry, business and associations met in the presence of Martin Terberger, chairman of Unit Pharmaceuticals of the European Commission,...

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The Brussels specifications make the legal position of Ayurvedic products on the EU market difficult

The BDIH (Federal Association of German Industries and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, health products, dietary supplements and personal care products eV) is committed to showing the legislature ways of opening ...

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VEAT - The largest professional association of Ayurveda in Europe

For consumers, the claim of an Ayurveda treatment from an ayurvedic practitioner belonging to VEAT, means quality in education and training.