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Prevention of chronic disease from the perspective of Ayurveda Ernst Schrott

(psa): There is much talk about preventive measures in maintaining health. Health in Ayurveda means more than just the absence of disease.

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Western medicine and different natural health systems work hand in hand

A team of doctors and therapists from various streams of natural medicine join together under one roof and treat patients who are looking for a broad range of medical and natural treatment including Ayurveda.

Doctor’s talkFrau Dr. Burkhard

A conversation with Dr. Burkhard Prabha (B.A.M.S.)

(psa): Dr. Burkhard, there is no life without water and Ayurveda is translated as the science of life. What is the role of water in Ayurveda?


Clinical practice© Susanne Oehlschläger

The emergence of diseases caused by stress

Diseases do not fall from heaven. According to the teachings of Ayurveda, a disease is the result of a "misdirected human intellect" (Pragna-aparadha). Thus was stress described in the millennia-old texts. Mood disorders are the first warning signs


Anti-tumor effect of boswellia acids using Indian incense

This could be the hope for patients with a brain tumor. In Astrocytoma and Gliablastoma research, in the 90's itself, results showed that there is reason to assume that the Boswelia acids of the Indian incense inhibit the growth of these tumors.